Wishing Everyone a very Merry Christmas

The thing I love most about Australia is our diversity.

I am certainly not an original Australian but I am the seventh generation. So my family settled here close to the beginning of European settlement.

I find it very sad that for whatever reason our world is going backwards when it comes to tolerance of other peoples differences.

It seems in recent times, in Australia, we are trying to become everything to everyone.

It started to creep in when councils decided not to put up Christmas decorations for fear of offending some-one and schools decided to stop singing Christmas carols for the same reason. I don't know about anyone else, but for me, I embrace other peoples beliefs (as long as they don't hurt anyone). It has never entered my head to be offended when in Buddhist countries to be offended by their customs, or in Utah where Mormons are a majority. I love listening to the call to prayers in Muslim countries, yet I am not a follower of any of these.

"I AM a follower of respecting everyone's right to have whatever beliefs they desire and to embrace their love of their culture. I actually think I am a pretty mainstream thinker with this attitude - yes, I tend to see the good in people as a whole."

So if most people embrace the cultural practices WHY does Australian people in high places and people-pleasers think it is a good idea to abandon or alter the time honoured practices of this nation??

There is a saying around the ridges:

If you try to please everyone ALL the time,
You end up pleasing NO-ONE

So lets get rid of the political guilt and just celebrate Christmas, Easter and any other Christian celebration we choose.

But more importantly, let us all begin TODAY to view each & every one of us as people first and lose the intolerance. IMAGINE what type of world we would have if everyone learnt' a little about all our differences. We would get to know to person & ally many of our fears & distrust. WHAT A GIFT!!!

Let me leave you with this message.

LET IT BEGIN WITH ME - do for others what you would like done to you.
What a wonderful world it would be!