When life gets in the way

I have been off the air for a bit...

But you know, sometimes life just gets in the way! it's funny how when you first have a baby presented to you with a disability, the whole world just orbits around said child and you forget about all the other 'life issues' everyone has.

As time rolls on and you slot into the same life, but different, and this new way of life becomes routine,these 'life issues' come back to the front & the idea of having a child with a disability becomes 'normal'.

At the moment, I am in the midst of creating an amazing new Not For Profit Organisation
to help all people with disabilities step into their own light...no matter what that light may look like.

I am also living through one of those 'life issues' we all have from time to time, so my mental resources and stretched very thin...for now....

I am a firm believer in the saying: 'This too shall pass', and know with every fibre of myself, that what I learn from this experience can either make me stronger and wiser or bitter and twisted...I choose STRONGER and WISER.

So, I haven't run away, just prioritizing for now...I will be back with loads of new & interesting items to chat about..

Till then...Which choice do you make when life gets in the way...
stronger and wiser or bitter and twisted? - it's your choice. 

Next Steps: