The Marsham Family 2018

After attending an iDareU workshop I walked away feeling incredibly confident to deal with a disability scheme that was lacking a lot of confidence! Sue gave us all great tips, and many amazing connections to get us pre plan ready.

Unfortunately we had a horrific experience with the NDIS planning meeting and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw Sue was now offering 1:1 support! A desperately emailed Sue who responded with such sincere concern, love and support and most amazingly ACTION! Sue was my saviour while I was falling apart. She sat with me pulling apart our plan and contacted the appropriate people, speaking on my behalf when I could no longer talk and DEMANDING answers, change and immediate support.

Sue is such a strong advocate with an incredible knowledge of the disability sector and the NDIS. Sue attended our face to face review and advocated for our entire family and I can honestly say I would not have got through this without her! Sue and iDareU are an invaluable service that I am so grateful to be a member of and highly recommend to you all! Sue was worth her weight in gold and it shows in how successful our new NDIS plan is.

There are not enough thank you’s that can be said to show how grateful we are!

Next Steps: