The importance of Charity Membership

Membership is so much more.

There are many upsides to membership and very few downsides.

One of the big benefits is feeling a part of something bigger than yourself. If a person believes in something or is passionate about something, becoming a member is a great way to walk that passion.
Becoming a member of iDareU, for example, is very exciting as this is a vibrant and passionate organisation. Membership is for everyone, as our mission to create natural inclusion for families with disability and becoming a vital part of their local communities.


Membership is seen as a commitment, but it is often not a  huge commitment. There is a cost and you have the ability to have a say in the direction of the organisation, at the AGM or by becoming a board member. These are by no means compulsory, though.


The most important things about becoming a member are:


  • a sense of belonging and purpose
  • satisfaction from knowing that you are making a bigger difference
  • access to membership information and portal
  • discounted products and training
  • helping iDareU reach their goal of natural inclusion.




If iDareU is not the charity for you to become a member of, please consider one that would align with your vision and purpose and become a member. Whatever you do, become a member and support a community of like-minded people.


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