The BS about Ds. (Down syndome)

"My life will never be
the same, I will never be able to work....
I'll just be looking after this person for the
rest of my life.

This is what went through my head when I was in hospital..

I was so very, very wrong on so many levels. Yes my life has never been the same.
It's been a big adventure of myth-busting and learning.

"Removing the fear of raising a child with Down syndrome - Waising Miss Chloe" 

In my book, I mention some common myths and bust them wide open,
so I'll will start with them:

1) All people with Down syndrome are sooo loving..
I WISH!!! Of my 2 girls, Miss Chloe is by far the least 'loving'.  She likes her percible space.....

2) There are varying degrees of Ds.
Not if they have Trisomy 21.Then they ALL have 3 x chromosome 21.
BUT there are varying ranges of intelligence, health etc..just like everyone else..
still got 3 x chromosome 21

3) People with Ds all look the samePut them all in a room together & see how true this one is.. heehee

4) People with Ds LOVE their mums....except Miss Chloe,
I irritate the hell out of her.......... 🙂

5) They will be children forever
This is a weird belief. I have learn't that Chloe is very multi-faceted. Although she may only have the reading & counting capacity of a young child, she processes grief & death far more maturely than any adult I have met. She has a very grown up and strong
concept of her self and her abilities.

6)They will never walk, talk, breastfeed, toilet train..blahblah....
Clearly in so many cases, some-one forgot to tell the kids with Ds. this!!!

7) Down syndrome is NOT a medical condition
but people with Down syndrome can HAVE medical conditions OH and some don't!!!
It is not a guarantee that a person with Ds. WILL be sickly.
Miss Chloe is as healthy as an ox!!!!

8) The medical Profession MUST be right

This belief should be changed, as they can be extremely dangerous with their inexcusable ignorance and sport of negative counseling.

9) Oh, they ALL love music - REALLY!!!!
All our family loves music and Miss Chloe just like what we less.
it took her awhile to get into dancing as much me & her sis...

10) People with Ds. will never get marriedThere is no reason why they can't and many are nowadays.
Miss Chloe is planning to move out with her boyfriend in a few years...and like everyone else, she is just waiting to find the right guy 🙂

11) People with Ds. can't learnExcept those who have completed and graduated from high school, TAFE, got their licenses, work and get trained.

12) My child will never have friendsWhilst i'll admit this was one of my concerns, Miss Chloe has many, many friends from many, many areas of her life & NO they are NOT all paid carers...mainly just her peers, some with disabilities, some without, some young, some old....

13) The family & siblings will suffer
nooo, unless the family had severe cracks anyway & were suffering already.
In saying this, yes, early days the first 10 years, heehee, can put a strain on families with all the running around, but what if you have a sick child without Ds.
same strain & what if you have a healthy child with Ds...less strain.

14) They are a drain on society
Now this is the one I HATE most and is MOST untrue.
People with Ds. have contributed to the amazing advancements around heart surgery, are contributing to finding a cure or answers for Alzheimer, contribute in making this world a kinder & softer place, teach us to slow down & smell the roses, that love is more important then money & give us lessons on pure unconditional love. If given a chance by the rest of us, there is absolutely no reason for them to not contribute economically...the ONLY REASON they don't' is because people don't want to train or pay them!
There are many jobs put there they would be great at..given half a chance.


That tells me that people with Ds. are giving a whole lot more to the world, than they are taking!!!!