Take ya crumbs and be quiet!

This was the attitude I received from a 'lovely' disability officer today when I called to see where we stand in regards to traveling overseas to see Chloe's only sister, Shannon who lives in Scotland.

When I called to find out some Information regards the pension and traveling,
I was told that:

"The reason I should consider myself lucky
is because this very rich country actually gives
people with a disability money to help them survive...
"not all countries do that, you know".



It costs Australia approx $100,000 per person with a disability to keep them if they live in a community residence (staff wages, food etc). yet I only get approx $22,100 per year to do the exact same job as they do. Add Chloe's pension & it STILL is under half!!!

The reason for this comment is yet again the Government have found a way to screw us with less.

I booked tickets to go over to Scotland in November,  These were booked using money that was inherited from Miss Chloe's dead father.

Four years ago when we traveled OS, a person with a disability was allowed to be away for 12 weeks before she had her pension suspended. It has changed to  6 weeks. Even worse
The Government announced in the May budget they were going to drop this in 2015 to
just 4 weeks. Legislation went through in early Dec 2015.

Problem is, we are away for 5 weeks & the Government won't adjust it for people who booked their tickets before the legislation was passed. Funny thing is, there is a 4 month wait to get assessed to see if she is able to get an exemption for the extra week.
At present Miss Chloe is assessed as being capable of working 0-7 hours per week. 
To be eligible, she needs to be incapable of doing ANY hours per week.

Am I missing something here, because this smug Centerlink woman thought this was a reasonable demand!

Hmmm, so let me see (hand on chin, pondering)....Chloe is capable of doing paid work max of 7 hours per week. She can't stay out of the country for more the 4 weeks in any 1 year....I suspect, because this is normal holiday allowance in Aus & Oh My God, 'we' can't have her extending a holiday, when she could be working...even though, 'we' refuse to pay her for any work she is capable of doing...cause we don't have to....... yes, I can see how that would work!!!

I wonder when society are going to give families caring for a person with a disability a fair go & start to stand up & demand better services & deals of us... 

WE GET TIRED & WE NEED SOCIETY TO UNDERSTAND that by looking after carers & their needs , they are saving themselves millions every year.

Yes, YOU should consider yourselves lucky, carers have big enough hearts to do one of the hardest jobs for the very least payment!!!