Sue’s our superhero

We have been connected with sue and iDareU for a few years now and we would honestly be lost without the strength and empowerment and knowledge she instils in me every time we talk. Sue has empowered and encouraged our family through the disability world equipping me with tools too navigate the new and constantly changing NDIS!
Sue has been fundamental in helping us utilise our plan to the fullest, empowering me to question when organisations aren’t doing what they are required to or who are pressuring us to sign agreements That we don’t have to sign. Sue’s incredible knowledge of the system and constant new discoveries she excitedly shared with you is the reason we walked out of our second plan meeting with a plan that not only works again but with an increase in budget. Sue’s patience, education, genuine care and determination to help and empower families is infectious and I’m so incredibly grateful to have her in our life.

Next Steps: