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Sue Dymond is an experienced speaker, accomplished Toastmaster and International author with over 30 years experience.

She has a unique style of presenting that weaves story telling into her extensive knowledge around disability, being connected in your community, navigating the NDIS, living with a disability and living a great life through her lived and learned experiences and stories, gained from providing support and assistance to hundreds of people with a disability, and their carers and families.

 Sue engages her audience from the first word to the last, leaving a lasting impression that will interest and inspire.

She has an acquired disability but this only temporarily stop her living a big life. This gives her a unique insight of how to live with a disability whilst also supporting a family member with a disability, running a disability charity, and being a mum.

Sue  is the mum of two amazing women, Shannon and Chloe. Chloe was born with Down syndrome. Sue raised Chloe to be a confident, capable and talented artist and between them, they retrained many disability workers and services along their journey.


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