Our cards are on the table



It's a sad fact, that Down syndrome has only been recognised as a permanent disability in this country by Federal Government in the last 4 years.


Prior to this, people with Down syndrome were put through disgusting and embarrassing processes including having to justify their "condition" by filling in copious pages of forms AND have their doctor do the same annually, to confirm the disability hadn't gone away.

People with a disability also need to get a letter from their doctor to confirm their disability, for use with superannuation funds, banks etc. 

They also need to be present, so the doctor can confirm the disability hasn't disappeared like some miracle from above. The major problem is they can't get one generic letter...no
these organisations need their very own letter from the doctor!!!

When Chloe's' dad committed suicide, I had to get 6 letters from my doctor within 6 months for various organisations..all stating exactly the same thing..


So I got to thinking, why don't we look at creating,
Permanent Card for People with Permanent Disabilities

Advantages to the Government

  • Less clogged doctors waiting rooms and emergency rooms at hospitals 

(My doctor said he fills on one of these forms AT LEAST ONCE A DAY) !! 
It doesn't take a genius to figure out the sums....

How many doctors in this fine country, times 365 days per year = lots of disabled people - in waiting rooms Queuing up to get a captain obvious letter!!!

  •  Massive savings on Medicare

Looking at the figures above, a lot of these people are not going to pay the doctors fee to find out what they already know..I know I wouldn't!!! So I would bulk bill the visit. 
Even if you look at half the people bulk-billing,  that is a huge financial strain on the bottom line.

  • Less wages

The Government would be able to reduce the copious amounts of paperwork, therefore reducing the number of people processing said paperwork.

Advantages to the person with Disability


Many find this process very humiliating, as they feel they are being punished or guilty for having a permanent disability.

  • Less Stress

Carers endure enormous amounts of stress just trying to get the regular things done in a day. Making them do an unnecessary trip to their doctor and Centerlink, as well as having to fill in forms is just cruel, and can tip some over the edge who are just keeping it together.

  • Financial savings

For those unable to get bulk billing, the out-of-pocket cost for the doctors visit (or the doctor coming to them in the case of a person unable to be moved) will be substantial, and with the NDIS on the horizon, I believe it is time to rethink introducing a permanent disability card.
It can be rolled out as part of the NDIS program.

We already have a heath care card, for those who deserve it, and this is recognised as an approved form of proof for many things in life, MAKING IT EASIER for people to live... from concessions on registration and medication, through to health services and the system in general.

So this just shows it can be done. 

Imagine how much easier this would make peoples lives,  that already have enough difficulty, and should not have to justify their condition to everyone all the time via the medical community.

It's time our politicians and advisers took a step back and watched the struggle that those, who are living with this current system have to battle.... 

then said  "lets do this! for all with a permanent disability.

Next Steps: