Oh no, the NDIS!

Before attending the Imagine Better Workshop I felt:

Oh no the NDIS… another thing to worry about and think about, I’ll just ignore it, put it on the back burner it will sort itself out, NOT. Oh no roll out, poop, what do I have to do its all too hard!

When I left the Imagine Better Workshop I felt:

Yay for iDareU. It was a very down to earth, practical presentation of how to prepare for the implementation of the NDIS. A step by step overview of the process by a presenter who walks in our shoes. That was really significant for me. Sue is a carer not a bureaucrat.

As a result, I have been able to:
CALM DOWN, review the notes and think about what we need to do before the NDIS goes live in my area. I am also committed to attending any future workshops.

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who feels overwhelmed with just the thought of NDIS. Make a start and take one step at a time.

28 June 2016
Posted By: Sue Lovegrave

Next Steps: