NDIS Practical Support, Guidance and Assistance

Individualised support tailored to your specific needs.

Everyone with a disability is unique – in their needs, support and requirements.
Let the experience of iDareU guide you and support you and your support network.

Assistance with applying for NDIS

 Navigating the complexity of paperwork, terminology, entitlement and the application process

Preplanning and Goal Setting

Help you understand what goals you would like, what you want to achieve, and how you will get the help from NDIS

  • Assistance with Reviews
    • Scheduled reviews, review of reviewables, COC, and unscheduled reviews - how you need to prepare to get the best out of your review.

Self-management assistance

Guide you through the process of how to self-manage effectively.

Portal assistance

Help you to understand how to use your NDIS portal to get the best support and be empowered.

And more…………

How & where:

In Person (Ringwood North, Victoria)

Over the phone

Video meetings

At a mutually suitable location

More info and bookings: