NDIS Planning Meeting Support

Today started out as nerve wracking, as I counted down the hours that I was to front up to the NDIS office for my Daughter's second NDIS Planning meeting.
I knew I was in good hands though, as the wonderful powerhouse that is Sue Dymond attended the meeting with me as my Daughters advocate.
Our first NDIS plan was disastrous, and fell short of what was needed, and had left a bad taste in my mouth, and a lot of stress.

I was extremely well supported by Sue, prior to today's meeting, and our Pre Planning meeting was vitally important.
Sue's knowledge and experience with the NDIS proved invaluable to me during today's meeting.
I feel confident that this next Plan will more truly meet my daughters needs and goals.

My sincere thanks Sue, your support today was invaluable, and you are a true friend.

Lyn, July 2019

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