My Experience with Sue and iDareU

My experience with Sue and iDareU has started a life-changing shift for my sister! After 2 years of losing the battle of understanding, navigating and really getting anything out of the NDIS, Sue was able to turn this around for us immensely! I've described her to my Mum as some sort of 'Angel on Earth' for our family and one that we didn't see coming! Since I met with Sue we have very successfully (and confidently) put together a strong review meeting that resulted in a great new plan that also has the foundation for future plans. Sue gave me clear instructions and reasons for why I needed to get reports done, what reports I needed to get, how to produce relevant goals, carer statements etc - you name it we went to the review meeting with an arsenal! To have Sue at that meeting as an emotional and professional support was remarkable - I can't imagine having done it on my own and without her I feel the outcome may have been very different.
Sue has given me the confidence to take on the 'nominee' role for my sister, plus encouraged and is supporting me with self-managing as NDIS nominee! I would not have done this without her and I'm just so thankful I had her guidance and now her teachings on the day-to-day aspects. This has opened up a whole world of flexibility as to how we can actually improve every aspect of my sisters life. Her understanding of what my sister needs and how we could go about trying to improve her situation has been the icing on the cake of her in-depth understanding of the system itself - on both accounts she is amazing! Sue is an inspiration and someone I'm so grateful to have met - right when I needed her! She is genuine, highly knowledgeable, generous, practical and fun! She is my guiding light.

By Louise , April 2020

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