Many disabilities DON’T have a wheelchair

There seems to be this very strange practice creeping into society at the moment. It is also very disturbing!

People with disabilities are coming back to their cars to find rude notes attached to the windscreen.
They have been parked in a disability spot, they have a disability permit to park there and yet people are taking it upon themselves to write nasty little notes.
These notes are stating the obvious....You are not in a wheelchair.....blahblah…..

I have a couple of issues here and I would like to address these people who feel it is their civic right to behave in this manner.

  1. SURPRISE!!!!!!! The wheelchair in the image is ONLY to let you know it is a DISABILITY car is NOT A WHEELCHAIR ONLY car park!!! Therefore if a person is NOT in a wheelchair, please don't assume there is nothing wrong with them.
  2. If you are that concerned, why don't you actually approach and ask the person (politely) if they have a disability??? Yes, a novel idea, I know…What? TALK to them and have the issue cleared up? It is much more powerful to assume the worst and leave a message on some vulnerable persons windscreen.  This is just a type of bullying - dressed up as doing your civic duty. If it really bothers you - speak to the person.

People who have a disability that can't be seen clearly have a hard enough time trying to navigate this complex world we live in. Perhaps a little kindness would be a good replacement for this type of behaviour.

It is the same with public toilets. Miss Chloe has a disability, but can walk. I can't tell you how many people give her dagger looks when she goes to the disabled toilet...
They believe the wheelchair sign means it is ONLY for people in a wheelchair.

It seems there needs to be a big campaign around re-educating society as to the meaning of the disability logo.

COME ON big advertising companies, how about you do a huge community service and create a funky ad around this concept?

iDareU to help make our most vulnerable and ill count.


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