Ignorant assumptions around Down syndrome

There are times when the medical professionals make my blood boil..with the things they say or assume, when you say your young person has Ds!!!!

Today has been on of those times.
 I had to take Miss Chloe off to s specialist in diet & nutrition. She is absolutely delightful and respectful and informative and heard me when I say "I don't speak for Chloe...ask her yourself please"

..as an aside....why do people usually ask us things about our children when they are standing there and are perfectly capable of speaking for themselves?
I always just stick my thumb in Chloe's direction & quietly say...."she's just there...ask her....."

Anyways, I digress......This lovely, very very highly paid specialist gave me a referral for a sleep clinic for Chloe. On this referral was 'Downs Syndrome' OMG!!!! Am I wrong to think when I am paying $350 for half an hour that she should not only know how to spell the thing, but also the correct terminology? 


I politely asked for her pen, crossed out the 's' on Downs & made the 'S' a little 's' on syndrome. I explained to said lady that Dr. Down doesn't own the syndrome - it was named after him & his name is DOWN. I then politely explained that syndrome is NOT a part of the title....just a syndrome.

To her credit, she listened, apologised, learnt and changed her error on all the other forms. As I said to her, "we learn something new every day"...just wish it wasn't the bare basics of Ds that need to be taught to these medical professionals, grrrrr.

Let me say, this didn't really get up my nose.....no....that honor was reserved for later.

After dropping Chloe back at her work & coming home, I received a call from the hospital for the sleep study. A whiny voiced woman called to speak to Chloe about booking her in.
I told her I would be happy to book her in. Off we go, agreeing a suitable date and filling in the personal details. She wanted Chloe's contact number, so I told her I would give her mine, as Chloe has Down syndrome.

Weeelllll, that's when things strongly shifted to the  powerful negative....the whine almost became a screech,as I get....

Whiny woman:     So are you staying with her?
Me:                        No, she will be fine
Whiny woman:     Are you SURE she will be OK on her own
Me:                       Yes, I am POSITIVE she will be fine on her own
Whiny woman:     Well you have to understand (those words ALWAYS set me off)
                              there are only 3 staff on, so they can't look after her you know...


 Very cranky Me:    Listen LADY, she has Down syndrome...she isn't an imbecile!!! She is a perfectly capable woman who looks after herself. And it is very insulting to assume I would leave my child if I didn't believe she will be fine. How dare you assume there is something bad wrong with her, just because she has Down syndrome!!!!
Me again:  Could you please tell me of a motel near the hospital, so I can be close to collect her in the morning?
 Whiny woman:    No...look up Google  CLICK (hangup)


Just another day dealing with ignorant people in the medical profession.... Now where is that brick wall I need to bang my head against.....