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I know it's late, but I just wanted to thank you.
Tomorrow I'm getting a call from the NDIS, to let me know who my planner is.
As we have mega complexities in our life, we need a senior planner with lots of experience in disability.
I am completely overwhelmed and we are at crisis point.
Apparently someone is coming out next week and I was in a tail spin, as I didn't have any notes in place for the plan.
I randomly dug out a notebook from the cupboard and saw it was the iDareU NDIS workbook I got from your workshop.
Basically it covered so many things I needed that I have now drafted a blueprint to work off and feel more empowered and less stressed.
So I just wanted to say THANK-YOU!!!
Date of Posting: 10 July 2017
Posted By: Emma Gierschick
Carer who attended Imagine Better workshop
Before coming to this workshop I was totally confused and did not understand a lot of the things that my son was entitled to as a child with a disability.
I left this workshop feeling more informed about the services and availability of services for people with disabilities.
Sue gave me information and guidance towards accessing the services that are available for people with disabilities
I would highly recommend a workshop run by Sue for anyone who needs to access the NDIS or has a person with a disability as the information she provided to me was very informative and it was a very relaxed and well run workshop. I look forward to receiving further guidance at the next workshop I attend by Sue.
Date of Posting: 10 July 2017
Posted By: Maureen Owen
Carer who attended the Carers Tool Kit workshop
Thank you again IdareU for sharing a wealth of information and support. At the Carers Toolbox workshop on Saturday at YourDNA, I felt overwhelmed to discover how many resources there are out there! Your workshops are amazing, warm, fun, generous and supportive. I am so thankful to have found you! ???
Date of Posting: 07 July 2017
Posted By: Lyn Krejci
I am Mum/Carer to my 33 year old Daughter Jacqui, Mooroolbark
As a result of attending the Imagine Better & Goal Setting workshops I have been able to:

Be prepared for my meeting with an NDIA planner. I felt empowered to stand up for the rights of my son.
I was able to ask specialists for supporting letters and suggest what they needed to include in such letters to support my son’s plan.
Knowledge and preparation were the key elements to get the best possible support plan for my son.
I was able to achieve a very good outcome for my son.
We had a face to face meeting with a planner.
I gave the planner all my support letters and my filled out iDareU NDIS checklist that clearly stated where my son’s needs were.
My son is now in the NDIS with a better package than he had before .

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants for find out about the NDIS and the process you need to go through to help your family member get the best possible outcome from the NDIA planner.

Sue is: supportive, shares great information, and talks in language that is easy to understand. She helps you navigate the core jargon that you need to understand and use. She helps people with the transition into the NDIS. I can’t thank her enough and highly recommend her workshops.
Date of Posting: 18 June 2017
Posted By: Heather Mathews
A happy participant of iDareU workshops, Melbourne
Before attending the Imagine Better workshop, I felt extremely lost on what NDIS is all about and was not sure that my daughter is eligible for NDIS even though she is currently on Future For Young Adults funding (post- secondary school).
When I left this workshop I felt very confident on what NDIS is, it’s rollout schedule, how it impacts my daughter and the ability for us – as parent and carer – to use NDIS funding to develop her further. We are also now sure about how FFYA will roll-over to NDIS.
We are also very much empowered and encouraged by Sue to proactively plan for our daughter’s future and not rely on organizations or others .
As a result of this workshop I have been able to:
• Understand NDIS and the language around it.
• Start looking at engaging a Case Manager to help with obtaining further assistance for my daughter & using language that is appropriate to maximize success.
• Connect with other people and organizations that are able to provide further resources and assistance.
Be persistent with officialdom – not taking “no” for an answer!
I would highly recommend this workshop to any parent and carer who:
1.) needs to know about NDIS and how it relates to their child / disabled adult
2.) feels down and is unsure on how to handle their child’s disability and plan for the future.
Date of Posting: 28 June 2016
Posted By: Joyce & Beng Chew
I left there today feeling very sure that I would be doing things quite differently from now on….
Daniel had an appointment with a podiatrist this afternoon (straight after the workshop) and I declared to him on the way that I thought he could handle the interaction with the receptionist (giving his name, etc and then dealing with the payment after & making a new appointment time).
He did so with minimal assistance from me and, as I said to my husband this evening, the pride and sense of achievement for Daniel with this small task was so obvious!
The other interesting aspect with this interaction was the response of the receptionist who, to be perfectly honest, I had not particularly warmed to in the past.
She seemed to be so attuned to what I was attempting to achieve and treated Daniel with such respect &and dignity and actually seemed to be very pleased with the whole situation, herself!!!
Date of Posting: 28 June 2016
Posted By: Sharon
Hi Sue,
thanks for the info and the workshop which I really enjoyed. I passed on the information that I received to several people who were unable to attend. I think they are a little more at ease about the NDIS now,

thanks once again, Alison
Date of Posting: 28 June 2016
Posted By: Alison
I first met Sue in 2010 when she was looking for a service provider for her daughter Chloe. From day one, it was obvious that Sue was a genuine advocate for disability rights and a strong leader in making things happen. Sue has been instrumental in developing networks with parents and other stakeholders to utilise information sharing resources as shown in the development of the iDareU website and seminars.
Sue has worked tirelessly to advocate & empower both families and people with a disability to have a say in the direction their lives could and should take.
Date of Posting: 28 June 2016
Posted By: Denis Shaw
Next Step Program Manager
Before attending the Imagine Better Workshop I felt:
Oh no the NDIS… another thing to worry about and think about, I’ll just ignore it, put it on the back burner it will sort itself out, NOT. Oh no roll out, poop, what do I have to do its all too hard!
When I left the Imagine Better Workshop I felt:
Yay for iDareU. It was a very down to earth, practical presentation of how to prepare for the implementation of the NDIS. A step by step overview of the process by a presenter who walks in our shoes. That was really significant for me. Sue is a carer not a bureaucrat.
As a result, I have been able to:
CALM DOWN, review the notes and think about what we need to do before the NDIS goes live in my area. I am also committed to attending any future workshops.
I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who feels overwhelmed with just the thought of NDIS. Make a start and take one step at a time.
Date of Posting: 28 June 2016
Posted By: Sue Lovegrave
Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Sue Dymond. I attended one of her Workshops regarding the NDIS and wow what an amazing Workshop! This Workshop I would recommend to anyone who may have any involvement with the up and coming NDIS. I now feel very positive, excited and empowered about the NDIS.
Sue is incredible I absolutely love her spirit and passion. Highly recommended
Date of Posting: 18 June 2016
Posted By: Fiona Goodman
Carer with ASD child, CHIRNSIDE PARK

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