iDareU Welcomes New Chair: Peter Copp

iDareU's New Chair

Mr. Peter Copp has been appointed as the new Chair of the iDareU Board.

Peter is a Melbourne-based business executive and consultant who has been affiliated with community care providers and the health care and non-profit sectors for the past 10 years.

“iDareU is an organisation who advocates, supports and cares for people with a disability by supporting them to independence. My Vision for iDareU is to continue assisting our clients, extending and expanding our programs to ensure people with a disability lead a fulfilled and inclusive life.”

“iDareU encountered challenges in 2020 which was exacerbated by limited physical programs.

Through our focus on mission supported by a skilled leadership team and well-resourced board to guide us, 2021 will see significant advancements for our organisation”.