iDareU empowered me by knowing my rights and which way I should go

I first used iDareU as they came highly recommended by a dear friend of mine who knew I needed help navigating the system I find myself in now that I’ve become disabled. When I first met Sue Dymond, I was relieved because I met a person who empowered me by knowing my rights and which way forward, I should go. I appreciate her care and sensitivity to my unsavoury position with my situation. Her knowledge of my rights as a disabled woman are plausible. Her fighting for me and sticking up for me has been very relaxing knowing someone who claims to have my back actually do. I love her enthusiasm and knowledge; I have used the services at iDareU a number of times and have never been disappointed. I will continue working with iDareU because it’s made my life much easier. iDareU is a great organisation that I would truly be lost without. I can’t recommend iDareU enough, I think anyone with a disability should use their services. Can’t recommend them enough.

A grateful and happy client
July 2021

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