iDareU – Dreams CAN become reality

Inspiring people with Disabilities through Awareness, Resources, Empowerment and Unity.

I had a dream to give people who have a child with a disability or have a disability

empowerment, dignity and inspiration.

For whatever reason, these are some of the things that are taken from us when we find ourselves in one or the other (or both ) of the above situations.

As a parent of one such person, I was (and still am) amazed by the way we are often disregarded and undervalued by the very people who are meant to be helping us.

I am not one to be put into a little box and told to conform. And this has been a blessing to our family. I have found if you can find the effort to dig past the initial resistance to get the services/opportunities you require, the organisations will bend to your needs.

I am a person with a lot of passion and energy. Because of this, I want to help those less able to be shown how to 'Step into their own Light' and become empowered.

So, after writing a book about raising Miss Chloe, I took it upon myself to setup a charity.

Today all the steep learning of creating a charity and with an amazingly talented board to support my dream it became a reality.

One day, people with disabilities and their loved ones will stand tall and not need to beg or apologise for wanting a good life...a life they deserve.

Please check out the BRAND NEW website and get onboard.