iDareU 1 on 1 testimonial

Having a one on one pre-planning meeting before getting my N.D.I.S. plan done was invaluable and prepared me for the questions and process.

Sue gave me lots of tips to ensure that I was as organised as possible and would show that I had given much thought to what supports were needed and these were justified.

Some of the questions asked during the meeting were very ambiguous and unclear - luckily Sue came with me to the meeting and gave clarification where needed.

I have NO DOUBT that without this preparation and support that it would have been a very different outcome and I would have ended up with minimal funding that was insufficient to meet my needs. My advice is to take advantage of the knowledge that Sue has and information that she can share with you in an individual presentation.

In my experience, it is worth EVERY cent to receive a positive outcome and a plan that provides the support and services that you need in order to achieve a fulfilling life.

Tracey Jackson - June 2018

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