I would highly recommend this workshop to any parent and carer

Before attending the Imagine Better workshop, I felt extremely lost on what NDIS is all about and was not sure that my daughter is eligible for NDIS even though she is currently on Future For Young Adults funding (post- secondary school).
When I left this workshop I felt very confident on what NDIS is, it’s rollout schedule, how it impacts my daughter and the ability for us – as parent and carer – to use NDIS funding to develop her further. We are also now sure about how FFYA will roll-over to NDIS.
We are also very much empowered and encouraged by Sue to proactively plan for our daughter’s future and not rely on organizations or others .
As a result of this workshop I have been able to:

  • Understand NDIS and the language around it.
  • Start looking at engaging a Case Manager to help with obtaining further assistance for my daughter & using language that is appropriate to maximize success.
  • Connect with other people and organizations that are able to provide further resources and assistance.
  • Be persistent with officialdom – not taking “no” for an answer!

I would highly recommend this workshop to any parent and carer who:

  1. needs to know about NDIS and how it relates to their child / disabled adult
  2. feels down and is unsure on how to handle their child’s disability and plan for the future.

Date of Posting: 28 June 2016
Posted By: Joyce & Beng Chew

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