I am NOT Down syndrome.

Since the Baby Gammy incident (the little baby with Down syndrome left in Thailand by its parents after being told about the babies Down syndrome, (pictured)

I have constantly been hearing about the Down syndrome baby. What is that??? It sound like a new species or something...and yes we are saying this In 2014...the 21st century!

With all the amazing technology we have at our fingertips, the media are STILL unable to get the terminology correct when it comes to people who HAVE Down syndrome.
Yes, you heard me, PEOPLE WHO HAVE DOWN SYNDROME....
not Down syndrome people. 

We don't use this terminology for any other things people have...
I have never heard; " Oh here comes Johnnie, the cancer baby' or there's Jill, the Fragile X child'...No, it is always person first, then their affliction or whatever.

People with Down syndrome have 47 chromosomes, as opposed to people who don't have Down syndrome. They have 46 chromosomes. The extra chromosome is chromosome 21 (the smallest of the bunch). This and ONLY this makes Down syndrome.
Now here's the big revelation....they still have the other 46 chromosomes....just like you and me.

AND those other 46 chromosomes means people with Ds are going to be a lot like their famlies...Yes, they are not the sum of their extra chromosome 21!!!
They are made up of many levels and layers, just like everyone else....
My Miss Chloe has so much of my own personality and looks like her Nanna and used to look like her big sis.

Having Down syndrome is nothing to be feared...it is only an extra chromosome and the smallest of the bunch at that!!!

So everyone out there needs to take a chill pill and relax. Get to know a person with Ds...really get to know them and you will find a person not a syndrome.

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Dedicated mum, Inspirational Journey