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Plus members can advertise special offers on the iDareU website. You might have an opening special or some excess stock you need to sell cheap. Whatever the offer you can advertise here and it's very easy.

1. Make sure you're logged in

2. Click on the CPANEL in the main menu

3. Click on the Manage Offers button


4. Your list of offers will appear

5. You can add/edit or delete your offers here.

Select your business package

There are many benefits to becoming an iDareU Directory member. You have the opportunity to manage your own listing and if you join as a Plus member you can create speacial offers and events.

Click on the Add Your Business buttons found throughout the website and following the prompts.

Or simply click here:


Select from the available packages. You do need an account to start with and if you aren't logged in, you'll be prompted to do so, or to create a new account. Have all your details and images ready, as the form will require all these items for your initial listing. Anything marked with a large green asterix is compulsory. All other items can be filled in later.

TIP: When it comes time to fill in your address, type the entire address (like the example) into the top field. A suggestion will appear as you type. Click on this to auto fill the rest of the fields. Even the longitute and latitude field!

Once you have your listing complete and have paid your fee, we will need to check over your details before we approve it. Normal business hours apply. You can generally expect to see your listing live on the site within 3-4 hours.

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