Great my Application for NDIS was approved! Now what?

Great my Application for NDIS was approved! Now what?

I have no idea what to do?

Sue Dymond and her team were recommended by friends. A meeting was scheduled with Sue. Relief set in. I was in capable hands of someone who knew what to do and how to go about it.

iDareU and the team calmed me down on several occasions and eased my worries - What if I don’t get enough funding for all my health issues. - Dread sets in and my anxiety starts to rise. iDareU helped me breath and ease my concerns.

Meeting day has arrived. The fear of dealing with NDIS was real. Sue steps in and takes the reins like a true champion. Sue had my back. Nothing went unnoticed. Sue reassured me through the process. I kept forgetting that my way of life was not as “the average person”. Sue rephrased questions to ensure I fully understood. Thank goodness I had Sue.

I would not have survived without Sue and the iDareU team. Tassha is now helping me to understand my plan and how I can make the most of it to improve my daily living.

Thank you, iDareU you're wonderful.

Ingrid - June 2022

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