Down syndrome people or us the burden?

Well now, that is an interesting concept!
If we listen to some people they are not backward in coming forward about how people with Ds are an economic burden on our society...especially when their loving parents or guardians have died and they become the responsibility of the State.

Now I have already spoken about the fact that young people with Ds are very capable, when taught, but I want to look at the other side.

Sue and her daughter Miss Chloe

Miss Chloe (my daughter) loves the idea of becoming a waitress or hairdresser helper. I know she would be great at both. Chloe gives the very best head massages, she knows how to make people feel good, and would enjoy making a tea/coffee & getting a mag for hairdressing clients, She would be happy to sweep up the hair & whatever other duties she was taught.

I can imagine her waiting on tables...preferably at a quieter cafe. She has a knack of recognizing words (even if she can't read that well) & would work out a way to take the orders. She could easily be taught to use the coffee machine, and would have no prob taking the order to the client, as she already does this when we do soup kitchen every two weeks.

The ONLY reason Chloe doesn't have paid work is because employers can't see past her disability and immediately assume she is incapable...all the time though, be moaning about the fact that they can't get staff to be doing these type of jobs!!!

I believe there has been a new class of employee created by forcing our young ones to complete year 12 & do higher education, strive for degrees etc. These people do not believe they should complete all that study to then perform jobs that are seen as starting at the bottom. (unless they use it to get them through completing the degree in the first place.)

So, boys & gals, who is going to do these menial but vital jobs???

Maybe, just maybe, employers need to stop trying to find the elusive person for the whole job & OMG!!! Look outside the square, split the job into 2 jobs & give one each to 2 people who will really enjoy each job they have.

The joy of hiring a person with Ds is they have no ego, This means, once they have been taught, they will never, ever deviate from that way. Now the downside of this, is the same applies, if you teach them incorrectly...then you can't unteach them. The other reason  they make great employees is they LOVE going to work & will never take a 'sickie', in fact you MAY need to send them home if they are too sick, as they will WANT to be at work!!!

So I ask, WHO is the economic burden?? 


Maybe the economic burden is employers attitudes, cause I know from my girl, she is keen as mustard to be in paid work and she would be an awesome employee for any place that takes the time to correctly train her.