Don’t go to the NDIS without iDareU

The no. 1 important weapon that you need to have for your NDIS journey is Sue Dymond and her fabulous team at iDareU for NDIS advice and support.

From my first contact with Sue I knew in no uncertain terms that this woman knows her stuff. Sue is such a strong advocate with an incredible knowledge of the NDIS and the disability sector. I wasn’t even sure that my daughter would qualify for NDIS. We now have an approved plan and I have no doubt that without Sue’s help that I wouldn’t have been able to present a case for my daughters needs with the same expertise that Sue brings to the table.

Planning for the NDIS can be an absolute minefield, Sue met with me prior to our meeting to go through all the information we’d need to have. She accompanied me to the planning meeting and I was so grateful as she was able to clarify many unclear and ambiguous questions.

Since having my daughter's plan approved, Sue’s wealth of knowledge and information has be invaluable in setting up services and finding the right care workers. I feel so much more able to manage and know that I have Sue and iDareU for backup and support

All I can say is a big thank you for her passionate energy and support, don’t go near the NDIS without iDareU.

By Sharron P, April 2020

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