Do you need some NDIS Support?

I just wanted to say that if anyone is feeling overwhelmed with figuring out their NDIS plan and needs a hand to hold, I can't recommend Sue Dymond from iDareU enough.

She helped me create really great plans for my two kids, helped me write them in the right language (so they wouldn't get rejected) and sort out all the supporting information, she even came with me to my planning meetings with the NDIS people (we had a very prickly/aggressive co-ordinator and Sue was amazing!) and as a result of all of her support, we got our plans approved, they are great plans and it all happened in record time.

She even spent time with me afterwards we got the money helping me set up my bank account and my NDIS pages on MyGov and talked me through self-management. The whole thing cost me practically nothing and she made the whole process easy. She can even recommend providers and services, if you are trying to find people.

Please, if you are struggling, don't try and do it all yourself, particularly if you are the mum of more than one kids on the spectrum - contact Sue from - she'll have you sorted in no time.

And just in case you are wondering - I am a satisfied mamma, not a sales rep, I just really appreciate all the support I just got and wanted to share it in case it helps someone else.

Kat - April 2019

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