Disability’s winds of change

WOW, WOW and even more WOW!!!!

This is the only word I can find to describe my very first forum for people working within the disability field in Melbourne. I was going to say Australia, but told myself, small steps to success & change are best steps...sooo, watch this space in time to come to read about how the winds of change have blown into other States...

The Inspiring Services-Empowering Clients was a truely inspirational forum, with 3 speakers who were all completely different, yet all shared the same passion and courage...courage to look change in the face & say: 
'I'm comin' for you'.

For those of you who were there, we will be posting videos shortly, of the speakers as a memory jolter for any info you missed, and for those of you who missed out, they will be a great experience to listen to.

Miss Chloe and Miss Hattie manned their table, selling Chloe's ceramic cupcakes and delivering smiles.


At one stage, I looked out from the lectern (before calling all to be seated) and was thrilled to see almost everyone talking to someone from other service apart from their own. This is my dream!!! To connect us all and I decided then & there that participation is the way to go.

The beautiful catering was supplied by a business called Tastyaz
www.tastyaz.com.au Check out their website. They are a new business that provided training, work experience and pathways to employment for young people with disabilities. AND the food & presentation were 100% class!!

Our next step is to create an interactive resources and networking website for ALL people within the disability sector - services and families & clients.
This is already well under way....so keep your eyes out for that one!!

As with my book launch, I aim to provide all involved with a positive experience with disability and I believe we pulled this off, as the feedback forms were very, very positive and encouraging!

So onwards & upwards I say, as I stride off into the sunset with my wand held high and my group of powerful inspirational change makers...

And with you -  you, yes...striding beside me!! Jump in & join us by getting me to come & inspire your organisation...or better still your area by bringing together a group or organisations. Contact me at: partofchange@suedymond.com

Lets keep the ball rolling, and not be stuck in this!