Dawkins and Disability

Who would have known, that one ignorant post from a narrow minded man, would have turned my world upside down in a week.

It all started when I like most of the world, was outraged after seeing the disgusting post from Richard Dawkins on how a mother should abort a child if they know it has the condition known as Down syndrome. Not only is this the most narrow minded and elitist sounding response i've ever heard, but it is also incredibly wrong, dead wrong. To have that cut and dry a response is verging on a practice we only saw in the darkest hours of our existence. As this comment consumed me, I worked on a way to turn this around, to grab that loud hailer and let the world know MY thoughts on this all or nothing approach. After teaming up with Ross from Mediakey, witihn 24 hours we were off. Talk about strap yourself in! radio interview after radio interview, then a TV appearance.

Sue and Chloe appearing on Studio 10

 Awesome experience with some great minded people, who really helped me to spread the word that having an extra chromosome is not a death sentence, but merely a different journey in life. 

I will be appearing on more radio and TV in the next few days, sharing the same message.
So if you happen to hear it, please spread the word.

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