C&M your Belonging WORKSHOP

I left there today feeling very sure that I would be doing things quite differently from now on….
Daniel had an appointment with a podiatrist this afternoon (straight after the workshop) and I declared to him on the way that I thought he could handle the interaction with the receptionist (giving his name, etc. and then dealing with the payment after & making a new appointment time).

He did so with minimal assistance from me and, as I said to my husband this evening, the pride and sense of achievement for Daniel with this small task was so obvious!

The other interesting aspect with this interaction was the response of the receptionist who, to be perfectly honest, I had not particularly warmed to in the past.

She seemed to be so attuned to what I was attempting to achieve and treated Daniel with such respect and dignity and actually seemed to be very pleased with the whole situation, herself!!!

Thanks Sharon

Date of Posting: 25 February 2016
Posted By: Sharon O'Shea

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