Thank You

Thank you again iDareU for sharing a wealth of information and support. At the Carers Toolbox workshop on Saturday at YourDNA, I felt overwhelmed to discover how many resources there are out there! Your workshops are amazing, warm, fun, generous and supportive. I am so thankful to have found you!

Information and Guidance

Before coming to this workshop I was totally confused and did not understand a lot of the things that my son was entitled to as a child with a disability.

IdareU 1 on 1 testimonial

Having a one on one pre-planning meeting before getting my N.D.I.S plan done was invaluable and prepared me for the questions and process.

1 on 1 Testimonial

I am the mother of a 27yr old daughter with an intellectual disability. Having heard so many horror stories about the NDIS process, I decided to employ a professional to guide me through the maze of planning. I chose Sue Dymond from iDareU. Sue is a single mum with sole care of her 26yr old daughter with Down syndrome, so she had a working knowledge of the needs and aspirations for my myself and my daughter.

I have an acquired brain injury, not an intellectual disability.

Just recently I was interested in making an NDIS application and I wished to have someone to advise me on how to best fill out the paperwork so I asked a disability self-advocate and he recommended Sue Dymond, a lady not heavily involved in ABI self-advocacy I don’t think.

Do you need some NDIS Support?

I just wanted to say that if anyone is feeling overwhelmed with figuring out their NDIS plan and needs a hand to hold, I can’t recommend Sue Dymond from iDareU enough.

The Marsham Family 2018

After attending an iDareU workshop I walked away feeling incredibly confident to deal with a disability scheme that was lacking a lot of confidence! Sue gave us all great tips, and many amazing connections to get us pre plan ready.