Carer Tips – going the distance better!


When a loved one is first diagnosed with a disability, people tend to go into shock for a while. From there, it is full steam ahead, as they madly chase around to find the very best outcomes for the person. Many carers remain in this mode and even when things are calmer, they find things to keep them at the crisis-driven, edge tipping point.

This way of living is unsustainable over a long period of time.

The direct results are Carer burnout, not being able to cope with unexpected issues, mental illness, isolation, relationship breakdown and many other uglies.

Being an unpaid carer is NOT a sprint, it really is a marathon and people need to learn to pace themselves to ensure a good quality of life.

Here are some simple tips to assist with finding and keeping balance in your lives

When things are not in crisis, relax 

This is the time to recharge your batteries. Have a long walk, or bath, or read a book or anything else you find pleasurable. The housework and other non-urgent things will keep.

Many people find themselves playing housework catch-up when their loved one goes to respite instead of relaxing.

Restoring your energy is more important than a clean house!!!

Create a sustainable plan

NDIS has come or is coming. Ensure your plan is not just a crisis avoidance plan. That is how you live now. The plan needs to be looking at sustainable and healthy living for all. This is the only way for Australia to save money in the long run.

Allow and ask for help

Being all to everyone ensures we will burnout. It is not a natural way for any relationships. Give your loved ones your best and outsource the rest. This way, you are able to enjoy the people closest to you and not be caught with those ugly friends called: RESENTMENT & GUILT.

Don't assume people will say no. If you don't ask the answer is guaranteed to be NO. If you ask, you have a 50% chance the answer will be YES...

Remember the gift of giving. 

Don't deny others the opportunity to give to you and your family, as you are denying them a precious gift.

Laugh & Meditate

Two very simple, yet effective ways to help yourself and give you more energy and reduce your mental stress. Yes, you DO have don't have time NOT to do these things.

Meditation need only be 15 min a day to start the shower, if need be.

Go on - give it a go......

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