Thanks for the info and the workshop

Hi Sue,
Thanks for the info and the workshop which I really enjoyed. I passed on the information that I received to several people who were unable to attend. I think they are a little more at ease about the NDIS now,

I left there today feeling very sure that I would be doing things quite differently from now on….

Daniel had an appointment with a podiatrist this afternoon (straight after the workshop) and I declared to him on the way that I thought he could handle the interaction with the receptionist (giving his name, etc and then dealing with the payment after & making a new appointment time).
He did so with minimal assistance from me and, as I said to my husband this evening, the pride and sense of achievement for Daniel with this small task was so obvious!

I would highly recommend this workshop to any parent and carer

Before attending the Imagine Better workshop, I felt extremely lost on what NDIS is all about and was not sure that my daughter is eligible for NDIS even though she is currently on Future For Young Adults funding (post- secondary school).
When I left this workshop I felt very confident on what NDIS is, it’s rollout schedule, how it impacts my daughter and the ability for us – as parent and carer – to use NDIS funding to develop her further. We are also now sure about how FFYA will roll-over to NDIS.

Thank You

Thank you again iDareU for sharing a wealth of information and support. At the Carers Toolbox workshop on Saturday at YourDNA, I felt overwhelmed to discover how many resources there are out there! Your workshops are amazing, warm, fun, generous and supportive. I am so thankful to have found you!

Information and Guidance

Before coming to this workshop I was totally confused and did not understand a lot of the things that my son was entitled to as a child with a disability.

IdareU 1 on 1 testimonial

Having a one on one pre-planning meeting before getting my N.D.I.S plan done was invaluable and prepared me for the questions and process.

1 on 1 Testimonial

I am the mother of a 27yr old daughter with an intellectual disability. Having heard so many horror stories about the NDIS process, I decided to employ a professional to guide me through the maze of planning. I chose Sue Dymond from iDareU. Sue is a single mum with sole care of her 26yr old daughter with Down syndrome, so she had a working knowledge of the needs and aspirations for my myself and my daughter.

I have an acquired brain injury, not an intellectual disability.

Just recently I was interested in making an NDIS application and I wished to have someone to advise me on how to best fill out the paperwork so I asked a disability self-advocate and he recommended Sue Dymond, a lady not heavily involved in ABI self-advocacy I don’t think.