A huge thank you to iDareU

We are ever so grateful to Sue and the iDareU team they helped us navigate our way through the NDIS application with a great outcome after being knocked back twice. Sue is so patient , passionate and certainly knows her stuff!We would whole heartedly recommend iDareU and can’t thank Sue enough for her continuing support. By Julie S, December 2020

Truely grateful

Sue from IDareU was so understanding and empathetic to our situation. Her expertise and experience was so refreshing. She was able to support us in revising our plan and successfully achieving the outcome we deserved. We are truely grateful for her help and care. By Bryony, October 2020

NDIS support you deserve

After years of trying to do it on my own, I succumbed and admitted to needing help.  I thought I had everything under control and was doing all that I could to give my daughter the life she deserved.  I was wrong!  I was tired, overwhelmed, and at the end of my tether.   At a time of crisis, Sue Dymond stepped in …

Sue’s our superhero

We have been connected with sue and IdareU for a few years now and we would honestly be lost without the strength and empowerment and knowledge she instills in me every time we talk. Sue has empowered and encouraged our family through the disability world equipping me with tools too navigate the new and constantly changing NDIS! Sue has been …

Creating & Maintaining your Belonging workshop

Hi Sue,
Your workshop was very good. You gave everyone the opportunity to express themselves, tell their stories.
This is something, as you know, that us mums cannot share how we feel or have someone to listen to us, and understand what we are talking about.

Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Sue Dymond.

I attended one of her Workshops regarding the NDIS and wow what an amazing Workshop! This Workshop I would recommend to anyone who may have any involvement with the up and coming NDIS. I now feel very positive, excited and empowered about the NDIS.
Sue is incredible I absolutely love her spirit and passion. Highly recommended

Oh no, the NDIS!

Before attending the Imagine Better Workshop I felt:
Oh no the NDIS… another thing to worry about and think about, I’ll just ignore it, put it on the back burner it will sort itself out, NOT. Oh no roll out, poop, what do I have to do its all too hard!

Thanks for the info and the workshop

Hi Sue,
Thanks for the info and the workshop which I really enjoyed. I passed on the information that I received to several people who were unable to attend. I think they are a little more at ease about the NDIS now,

I left there today feeling very sure that I would be doing things quite differently from now on….

Daniel had an appointment with a podiatrist this afternoon (straight after the workshop) and I declared to him on the way that I thought he could handle the interaction with the receptionist (giving his name, etc and then dealing with the payment after & making a new appointment time).
He did so with minimal assistance from me and, as I said to my husband this evening, the pride and sense of achievement for Daniel with this small task was so obvious!