About iDareU

iDareU is a Not for Profit charity with DGR status

iDareU was born out of frustration by Sue Dymond. Sue has an adult daughter (Chloe) who has a disability, as well as having her own disability (ABI).

She found the disability system impossible to navigate and was constantly having to push the sector to challenge Chloe and raise the expectations of her capacity.

iDareU helps others manage the disability systems better, by educating, empowering, and supporting them. Sue didn’t want others to have to experience the challenges she experienced. She is passionate about assisting all people to live their best life.
iDareU has a team of experienced workers, some who have lived experience with having a disability and some who are family members of a person who has a disability.

iDareU is passionate about local communities being accessible and inclusive, ensuring all people with a disability are an integral part of their community.

People with a disability don’t live ‘over there’ – they live within your communities

iDareU supports people to demystify and manage their NDIS plans. So many people do not understand the NDIS or how it can help them.

We are the experts when it comes to the NDIS

iDareU provides peer -to -peer support, education and training to unpaid carers – online and in person

iDareU provides disability awareness  coaching to local communities and services


"I am committed to making a difference and enhancing lives"
Sue Dymond



2022 Deakin Community Awards recipient

iDareU's Mission 

To assist people with a disability to lead a fulfilled and inclusive life through guidance, support, education, and training.

iDareU's Vision

To inspire and empower people to live their best life.

iDareU's Objectives

To deliver workshops, festivals and events.

iDareU's Goal

To create effective connections between Service Providers, Businesses and Families with Disabilities

Our Team

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