A story of love.

So, the first Tuesday in November has come and the Race that stops a Nation (The Aussie nation) has been run & won.  I LOVE this day...I come from horse-racing stock, so I must confess, I love the races, thought I only take notice on that ONE DAY IN NOVEMBER these days. I LOVE the glam and the glitz associated with the day and I LOVE there is,

"more often than not a great story attached to the winner of the Great Race"

This year was no different, with the first woman jockey winning and her brother who has Down syndrome being her strapper. 

The thing I LOVED most about this story is the very obvious bond and love they have for each other, this and his sis clearly have an amazing love and respect for each other and I LOVED that Michelle Payne just treated Stevie as her brother...not her brother with Ds.

It is something very special to observe the deep, deep love between siblings and I have found that when one has a disability, that connection seems to be even stronger in most cases.

It is also very special because the sibs don't see the disability, they just see the person and accept them as they are, lock, stock & barrel!!!

 AND I LOVE that Stevie just took the whole amazing experience (it's not every day some-one is responsible for the winner of the Melbourne Cup) in his stride...though the grin on his face at the end of the race was worth bottling!!!

This is one example of people with Down syndrome being able to achieve their dreams and be a very important and valuable contributor to society.

There has been much ado about Stevie having Ds, and he is a bit of a superstar at the moment (and so he should be), but I see people with Ds, achieving their dreams regularly. 


We have the young model who has taken the internet by storm.

We have the young lad who is an famous photographer.

There are people everywhere just doing what regular people do, working, playing...Just doing what regular people do...when given a chance.

For many years, I was a mentor to teens who had a rough start in life and I LOVED watching them fly when they were given some space, faith & opportunities. It is the same with people with disabilities, given a chance, they will achieve and reach their dreams.



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