1 on 1 Testimonial

I am the mother of a 27yr old daughter with an intellectual disability. Having heard so many horror stories about the NDIS process, I decided to employ a professional to guide me through the maze of planning. I chose Sue Dymond from iDareU. Sue is a single mum with sole care of her 26yr old daughter with Down syndrome, so she had a working knowledge of the needs and aspirations for my myself and my daughter.

Sue met with me before my planning meeting to familiarise herself with our family and social situation, and to get a feel for the outcomes we wanted. What particularly impressed me at this point was Sue’s insistence on aiming high; on not being afraid to ask for all we needed. I tend to put my head in the sand when it comes to my daughter’s future, but Sue was adamant about starting to address possible future needs. She also made me see that, as parents of special needs children, we often accept as normal the work we do for them. Time and again she would ask “did you do this for your other daughter when she was 27?” Inevitably, the answer was no.

I had two planning meetings and Sue was present at both taking an active role as my advocate and providing much needed moral support. Throughout, she was open, honest and realistic and not afraid to argue my case! I was blown away by her knowledge of how the system works and its possible pitfalls.

Sue is a genuinely caring person who will fight for what she thinks is right. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The money I paid Sue was a great investment; not only did I get the plan I wanted, I got great support and peace of mind.

Chris Pool - July 2018

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