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Practical Support, Guidance and Advocacy

  Assistance with COVID 19, NDIS and any other advocacy needs.

 These sessions are tailored to YOU

Totally confused and frustrated by COVID 19, NDIS or feel you are not being heard?
We completely understand your frustration and can help you get the best out of your life! We speak your language and are passionate unpaid carers, so we understand the journey and can help you be HEARD!!!

WHERE: We hold meetings at our office in Ringwood North, over the phone or Zoom (video meetings), or at a mutually suitable location. All meetings are a minimum of one hour.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS: Call us on 0468 854 186 or email

Meetings usually take between 1-3 hours.

If your advocacy issues are too complex, we will refer you to an advocate in that specialist area.


iDareU has a dream of creating a world where carers and people with a disability don’t have to work so hard to belong, by making EVERYONE Aware

Giving the Resources to Services Providers, Communities, Carers and Client,

Empowering the carers and people with a disability, so we can all work and co-exist in Unity

Our Mission: iDareU assists people with a disability to lead a fulfilled and inclusive life through guidance, support, education, and training.

Our Vision: iDareu inspires and empowers people to live their best life.

Our Objectives:: Deliver workshops, festivals & events.

Our Goal: Create effective connections between Service Providers, Businesses and Families with Disabilities


A collection of video and audio of iDareU founder, Sue Dymond, in the media.


What People are Saying

  • iDareU helped me achieve the best NDIS outcome - iDareU helped me through the NDIS plan and review. Sue was very knowledgeable and understanding. She definitely helped me achieve the best NDIS outcome for my child. Highly recommend iDareU! By a Grateful Client (Carer from Sydney) August 2021
  • I have felt really supported as a carer - iDareU has been a godsend and continues to support and advise me in everything to do with my son's NDIS plan, from writing goals and formulating a strategy for the plan review, to what to write in an email to the LAC (yes, I felt intimidated by my LAC). Their knowledge and life experience is amazing; I am learning so ...
  • Their knowledge of the system and services has enabled me to achieve my goals - I can’t recommend the services of iDareU highly enough. Sue Dymond and her great team have enabled me to negotiate successful plans with the NDIS. Their knowledge of the system and services has enabled me to receive a plan that is going to allow me to achieve my goals. I’m now feeling the benefits from therapies that I may not ...
  • iDareU empowered me by knowing my rights and which way I should go - I first used iDareU as they came highly recommended by a dear friend of mine who knew I needed help navigating the system I find myself in now that I’ve become disabled. When I first met Sue Dymond, I was relieved because I met a person who empowered me by knowing my rights and which way forward, I should go. ...
  • Can’t recommend iDareU highly enough - Before meeting  the team at iDareU, I was so nervous and anxious about my daughters and my upcoming NDIS reviews. I didn't know what to expect and how to prepare. They helped talk me through every step, they helped me stay focused and got all of my plans and thoughts on paper in a very succinct manner. I can't recommend ...
  • Caring, Reliable and Responsive - Sue of iDareU is always caring, reliable, responsive & up to date with her knowledge on NDIS! She is very understanding of the needs for my son & other participants, and she always gets what I want to say and be able to assist us to advocate them to NDIA. Sue has given a lot of supports towards me and ...